Simple Gift Basket Ideas for All Occasions

When it comes to gifts, there is no better gift than a personalized gift basket for your significant other. Gift basket ideas are perfect because they give a personal touch, especially if you compile one yourself.  One mistake that people make is picking up a basket on impulse, without putting much thought or consideration into it. The result is something that the recipient doesn’t enjoy. One day, I was thinking of working out options for my beloved boss, Anand Mishra, CEO of Star Infranet.

I went through various sites, and compiled a list.  Finally basis his likes and dislikes I presented him with one.  And viola, he was delighted.  I would like to share my experience with you, such that you too can surprise someone with a gift basket.

Here are a few options to ensure you get the perfect gift basket.

1. Set A Theme

Gift baskets are more effective when there is a theme involved. The gift basket theme is usually decided by the occasion itself or the person you’re giving it to. Deciding on the theme and occasion first will help reduce the search parameters.

2. Set The Budget

Each and every available gift basket, be it snack gift baskets, holiday gift basket, or custom gift baskets has its own price range. Some are cheap while others weigh heavy on your pocket. What you need to do is pick a budget that you are comfortable with before you start searching for a basket. This will ensure that you don’t spend more than you have and will help you save time not browsing through products you can’t afford. A budget helps you narrow your search to a list of few available options.

3. Take The Recipient’s Point of View

Before settling on any gift basket theme ideas, it is always good to fit yourself into the shoes of the recipient. This means only selecting something that they are bound to like. In case it is a new person, try out some research before the selection.

4. The Shopping

Since gift basket shopping is most commonly done online, fraud is a concern that often arises. You need to make sure you visit only websites with reputations for successfully fulfilling orders and providing quality products. You should be wary of websites that are excessively inexpensive.

5. The Personal Note

Adding a note is a crucial finishing touch.  It adds a personal style to the gift that helps make the basket even more memorable. Most gift basket shopping websites give you the option to include a card, so take advantage of it.   A single heartfelt note may be the one thing that could turn the gift basket from just a gift to something more memorable.

Go with these tips and you are bound to choose the perfect gift basket for any occasion.

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